Want To Decorate Your Home To Sell It Faster? Check Out These Great Pointers From Interior Designers So That You Can Sell Your House Quick

You only get one chance to make a first impression on a buyer. This is why home staging is so important. Practically every home could use a little redecorating before it is listed on the market. Can’t afford a decorator? No big deal! There are so many outlets available to the masses that can teach you where to start, and how to see the project from the beginning to the end.

Start by watching TV shows, then reading more articles like this online to give you even more pointers. Staging is actually less work, and more fun, than it seems. Ask a friend to help, and you can make some lasting memories together. Read: 5 Reasons Your Home’s Staging Might Not Be Awesome (Even if You Think It Is).Master-Bedroom-Interior-Design-110

The point of staging is to accentuate the best features of the home, and minimize the flaws. You want the buyer to feel like they could really live in your home. Do this by making the atmosphere a neutral setting. Here are some wonderful DIY tips on how to home stage on a low budget.

The first pointer, is to clear out all messy spaces! This especially includes closets. When staging, spent your time focusing the most on the most visible areas, which will include the entryway, the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom, and the sitting room if you have one. When and if you have time or money leftover, then you can move into other rooms such as guest bedrooms, the dining room, or parlors, for example. See: 10 Keys to Home Staging on a Budget.

Summer-style-living-room-with-a-beautiful-view-outsideBe sure to take out anything in the house that “screams you.” This include family photos, refrigerator magnets, any collector’s items. Buyers don’t want to see “you” in the house. It makes them feel like an intruding guest, which is the opposite effect that you are going for.

Be sure to use colorful flowers to brighten any spaces, and to add pops of color. Read interior design books to give you great ideas. Scour the internet for even more pointers. Be sure to clean out all of your drawers, including the lint and dirt in them. Buyers don’t want to see dirty junk drawers. 

Make sure the yard is in excellent shape; this means you’ll need to weed the grass and pathways, sweep the driveway, and get rid of all of the leaves on the front lawn. Buyers will naturally assume that if you neglect the front yard, that you probably neglect the inside of the home, too. And, can you blame them?

Do not forget to incorporate natural light into the home. If you have shades, and drapes, open them all the way so that buyers can see how spacious the room is, and how much light comes in. No one wants to look at a dim, and gloomy house. Change all bulbs to LED, as they shine brighter. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to give you an honest opinion on what they think you should change in order to get the house ready for sale. For further reading, see: 30 Cant-Miss Home Staging Tips.

2 thoughts on “Want To Decorate Your Home To Sell It Faster? Check Out These Great Pointers From Interior Designers So That You Can Sell Your House Quick

  1. Julie

    We are selling our home. I really like this article, but am wondering..is it really that necessary to clean out the closets? Potential buyers know that we are still living in the home, so is it really that important?

  2. Gary Scott

    It is incredibly necessary to clean out the closets. If you are unable to completely clear them out, be sure that they are organized properly. If you have too many clothes, put some of them away temporarily while the house is being shown. As long as it does not look crammed, and everything is organized, it is ok to leave some of your clothes. The point is to let the buyers visually see how large the closets are. You’ll have to be the judge of how the closet looks.


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